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JEL February 2016

iCloud switch on/off error

Testing on iPhone 6 device (not simulator); iOS Version 9.2.1

I am following Apple's iCloud Design Guide and implemented the first chapter "iCloud Fundamentals (Key-Value and Document Storage)."

If I am logged into iCloud and then I sign out of iCloud, my app crashes and all I get is a "Thread 1: signal SIGKILL."

Is the crashing supposed to occur? Or do I need to fix this somehow? The Apple iCloud Design Guide does not mention this (at leas I don't see it).

My eventual goal is to have iCloud Core Data sync. Right now the only code I have is the one from the first chapter of Apple's docs from the link above.


rmaddy February 2016

Yes, it's normal. iOS will kill any app using the current iCloud account if the user logs out of iCloud on the iOS device.

This is similar to iOS killing apps when certain privacy settings change.

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