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Rodolphe February 2016

iGraph install error with Python Anywhere

I'm trying to run a web app (built with flask-wtforms and using iGraph) on Pythonanywhere. As igraph isn't part of the already inculded modules, I try and install it using the bash console, as such:

pip install --user python-igraph

How ever, what I get is:

Could not download and compile the C core of igraph.

It usually means (according to other people having the same issue on Stackoverflow) that I need to first install:

sudo apt-get install -y libigraph0-dev

Except, apt-get isn't available on Pythonanywhere, as far as I know.

Is there any workaround to install the iGraph module for Python 2.7 on Pythonanywhere?


Glenn February 2016

python-igraph installed perfectly fine in my account. My guess is that you're facing a different issue to a missing library. Perhaps a network error or something like that.

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