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chila February 2016

How can I know which files were modified by a certain author?

I want to have a list of the files that where modified by a certain author. How can I do this with git?


JesusRT February 2016

You can use the below command:

git log --no-merges --stat --author="User" --name-only --pretty=format:"" | sort -u

Marcus Müller February 2016

Go through the git log output, and look for the author fields:

git log --author 'marcus'

will give you all git log entries of an author which contains marcus; note that regular expressions can be used here.

git log --author marcus -p --name-only --pretty=''

will really only give you the file names, but unsorted and also with duplicates

git log --author marcus -p --name-only --pretty=''|sort|uniq

will solve that.

Generally, I'd say

git log --author marcus -p 

is most useful.

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