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Ankit Pandey February 2016

Can I migrate to Woo Commerce from Big Commerce

Have been using BigCommerce for quite sometime for my online store. Now that they are increasing the price, I'm pondering about switching to another platform.

Wordpress with Woocommerce certainly did catch my attention. Wanted to find out if anybody had moved from Bigcommerce to Woocommerce successfully (or to any other platform for that matter) and if yes, are you missing anything as far as features or ease of use concerned.

Did the move affect sales/customer satisfaction? Also any comments on any potential problems highly appreciated too.


alev February 2016

To answer your question in the subject: Yes, a migration should be possible using a tool like Shopping Cart Migration

To your second question: I have no experience with this tool or a shop to shop migration in general. Important points that come to my mind:

  • Replication of the design and functionality of the front end
  • Migration of user data
  • Migration of order data (connected to user data)
  • Migration of stored credit card information (in case of stored subscriptions)

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