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KKKK February 2016

Cannot pass data from asyncTask to my activity

In searchactivity: I declared a background worker class to connect to the remote mysql database and get some data

protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

    BackgroundWorker worker = new BackgroundWorker(SearchActivity.this);
    ////////// My message is empty below

In backgroundworker.class, the backgroundworker class did get the data but fails to pass to my activity

protected void onPostExecute(Wrapper w) {
    else if(w.result.contains("Searchfirst successfully!")){
        ////////// My message can be showed correctly here
        Intent colleges = new Intent(context,SearchActivity.class);
        colleges.putExtra("searchresult", w.result);

Also I found out that if i put the data to the intent and start that activity immedicately by calling startActivity(intent) in onPostExecute(), the data can be passed to that intent, however, if i did not start that activity, the data is lost?


Shayan_Aryan February 2016

You can add this lines:

Intent intent = new Intent("myAction");
intent.putExtra("searchResult", w.result);

then register a broadcast reciever in your activity:

registerReceiver(new BroadcastReceiver() {
            public void onReceive(Context context, Intent intent) {
                Object result = intent.getExtras().get("searchResult");
        }, new IntentFilter("myAction"));

Besides, You can define a listener interface and pass it to the async task, then call the listener's method in onPostExecute() method. There is no need to calling an intent this way.

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