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Linksku February 2016

Chrome DevTools won't let me set breakpoints on certain lines

enter image description here

In the image above, I tried setting breakpoints on every line from line 437 to line 443. However, I cannot set breakpoints on lines 439 and 440. When the function runs, the breakpoints on lines 437, 438, 441, and 442 are ignored. Chrome breaks on line 443. This means that I cannot do some debugging before the first conditional runs.

When I click on lines 439 or 440, the breakpoint appears for half a second and jumps to line 443.

Is this a bug or am I missing something? How do I set a breakpoint at or before line 439?


Danila Shutov February 2016

If you are using js minification and sourcemaps, ensure that they are up to date with your source code.

epicTCK February 2016

What would be the difference of putting a breakpoint on 438 vs on 439? It would still stop the same code from running.

Also check out the answers for this Question.

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