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Steve Peschka February 2016

Missing Activity Data for Exchange using Office 365 Management Activity API

I have a prototype working of the Office 365 Management Activity API features. I've successfully created subscriptions with webhooks and am getting data for both SharePoint and Azure AD. However, for some reason no data is ever delivered for Exchange. I've triple-checked and when I list subscriptions it shows Exchange just like the other two - enabled and ready to go - but no data ever shows up. Also if I make the REST call to list notifications it also shows no data for Exchange, but I can get SharePoint and Azure AD data from it. What else might I need to do to get these audit events for Exchange as well?


Tom Kaupe February 2016

There are two types of Exchange audit information that is captured:

  1. Admin actions (e.g. using cmdlets to set various properties on a mailbox)
  2. Owner actions (e.g. mailbox login or sending a message).

The admin audits are enabled in Exchange online by default, while owner auditing must be explicitly enabled on each mailbox. The following article describes how to enable owner auditing:


Did you perform any admin actions after having created the content subscription using the API? Have you enabled owner auditing on any mailboxes?

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