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Mamoun MK February 2016

How to use the same NSCache Image from tableVIew Cell to push it on a Static tableVIew

silly question maybe but, what's the best practice to use the same NSCache image from my initial tableVIew Cell to push it on a static TableView, right now i'm using the same approach on my tableVIew to get the image on my static tableView

1) I have a tableView where I load all the images from a web service, I cache this images on the simulator 2) when I select a cell from the initial tableView,I had the same information from the tableViewCell on a static tableView, my problem is how to use the same image from my initial tableVIewCell from the cache on my static tableView ?

Thanks for your help


Safwan Ahmed February 2016

Same the images in key value dictionary with index path as key

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Asked in February 2016
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