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LeeRuns February 2016

Is jupyter replicating my data to a cloud server

This is a pretty simple question. I if you download jupyter as a part of Anaconda. How is your data being secured. When I run jupyter it does go straight to an html page, but that page displays my local folders on the servers I am connected to.

If I make a notebook, will that notebook be stored on a cloud server. Where does it go, and how can I keep all of my filee ("notebooks) local?


minrk February 2016

Jupyter uses no cloud services, and should make no external requests when you are running it locally. The best way to think of a local install of Jupyter notebook is a desktop application that happens to use your web browser for its UI. It talks to the local filesystem, and relays that data to your browser over HTTP on localhost.

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Asked in February 2016
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