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E.Y. February 2016

How to read from a file to constructor in C++?

I have a players.txt file where I need to read from and put my readings in a constructor and then I will make a list of these TennisPlayer objects. And I am stuck with how to do it. Well, the first thing is I read from file word by word or line by line but couldn't manage how to put my readings into constructor. My constructor has five inputs:

TennisPlayer(string firstName, tring lastName, int ranking, int totalPoints, string country) 

And part of my players.txt file is here:

Novak Djokovic 16790 Serbia
Andy Murray 8945 Great Britain

And secondly, how can take "Great Britain" as one string?

I am really new in C++ and in a desperate position. Thank you all for your help.


makar February 2016

Create a stream from a file and then pass it to a class like this. It will iterate over the file, store the values in a vector and then initialise a vector of those objects in the constructor. To read the country, we keep reading in words until we find the end of the line. Therefore, I am working under the assumption that each tennis player is specified in a single line.

Note that there is no error checking here, you may wish to add that

    class TennisPlayersList
        struct TennisPlayer
            std::string first_name;
            std::string second_name;
            int ranking;
            int total_points;
            std::string country;

        TennisPlayersList(std::istream& filestream)
        std::vector<TennisPlayer> players;

        static std::vector<TennisPlayer> ReadPlayersFromFile(std::istream& filestream)
            std::vector<TennisPlayer> p;
            while (filestream.eof() == false)
            return p;

        static TennisPlayer ReadPlayer(std::istream& filestream)
            using namespace std;
            TennisPlayer player;
            std::string line;
            getline(filestream, line);

            std::stringstream ss(line);

            ss >> player.first_name;
            ss >> player.second_name;
            ss >> player.ranking;
            ss >> player.total_points;

            // country could be several words, keep appending until we have finished
            while (ss.good())
                std::string country_part;
                ss >> country_part;
                if (player.country.empty())
                    player.country += country_part;

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