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Alan Vieira Rezende February 2016

Convert double HOURS to MINUTES

I have 2 EDIT Text in my APP with hours and minutes.

i have that double:

    double hour;
                try {
                    hour= Double.parseDouble(dayhour.getText().toString().replace(',', '.'));
                } catch (NumberFormatException e) {
                    hour = 0; 

  double minute;

                try {
                    minute= Double.parseDouble(dayminute.getText().toString().replace(',', '.'));
                } catch (NumberFormatException e) {
                    minute= 0; 

After get hour value i want convert to minutes. because i want know all time in minutes example: 3:42 = 222 minutes.

What i need do?


Unii February 2016

1)change hours to minutes
2)Add minutes

double allTime = hour * 60 + minute; // allTime - in minutes

Xoce 웃 Пepeúpa February 2016

You can try a very elegant way

minute += TimeUnit.HOURS.toMinutes(hour);

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Asked in February 2016
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