bpr February 2016

How to post values to database with php from options dynamically created with php

Sorry for the obtuse title not quite sure how to describe this one. I have options that are dynamically created through a call to a database with php. The dropdown list options are set like this:

<div class="input-group col-md-12"><span class="input-group-addon">Tag Source</span>
    <select class="form-control" name="tagtype" value="<?php echo addslashes($_POST['tagtype']); ?>">
        <option value="">Tag Source</option>
        foreach ($sources as $row) {
        <option value="'".<?php $row['sources']; ?>."'"><?php echo $row['sources']; ?></option>

When I update the database I thought it would update the value to what I have set it as with php:

<option value="'".<?php $row['sources']; ?>."'">

But instead it does not update the database properly. My guess is that I have to write a javascript function to set the value to post to the db but would welcome any instruction!

EDIT: This is how I update the database

$conn = new mysqli(intentionally left blank);

  if($_POST['submit']) {
    if ($_POST['tagname']=="") $error.="<br />Please enter a tag name!";
    if ($_POST['tagtype']=="") $error.="<br />Please enter a tag type!";
    if ($_POST['url']=="") $error.="<br />Please enter a tag URL!";
    if ($_POST['publisher']=="") $error.="<br />Please enter a publisher!";
    if ($_POST['advertiser']=="") $error.="<br />Please enter an advertiser!";
    if ($_POST['identifier']=="") $error.="<br />Please enter an ID!";
    if ($_POST['ecpm']=="") $error.="<br />Please enter the eCPM rate!";
    if ($_POST['ccpm']=="") $error.="<br />Please enter the eCPM rate!";
    if ($_POST['datebrokered']=="") $error.="<br />Please enter the date brokered!";


Nathan Chapman February 2016

You need the form to POST to a php script to update the db.

Check out php form handling here: http://www.w3schools.com/php/php_forms.asp

Make sure to handle the input properly (i.e. escape the input with http://php.net/manual/en/mysqli.real-escape-string.php) because a user could edit the <select> dropdown values and execute a SQL injection.

che-azeh February 2016

You are just returning the row from your tables as values to your option. You should actually echo them:

<option value="<?php echo $row['sources']; ?>">

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