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ndbd February 2016

QCreator: how to create debug build configuration

I started a new C++/Qt-Desktop project in QCreator and two build configurations were automatically created:

  • a Release-Configuration where the build was created in a separate directory than the source-code
  • a Debug-Configuration, where additional compiler flags were set and you could nicely debug with Valgrind

Somehow I got these build-configurations deleted (either by moving to a new computer, or opening the project on another computer - I don't know).

How to I recreate these two (apprently default) configurations for my specific project?


Kuba Ober February 2016

  1. Open your project.

  2. Go to the Projects pane.

  3. Select the Build & Run tab.

  4. Select the Build subtab.

  5. In the "Edit build configuration:" line, click Add dropdown, select Build submenu.

  6. Select the Debug or Release configuration in Build Steps->Details.

Tim Jenßen February 2016

  1. close your project
  2. remove the .pro.user file
  3. reopen the closed project

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