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Julio Guerra February 2016

Can I modify someone else's pull request and push it back in its branch?

GitHub explains you can fork, modify, commit, push and trigger a pull request. They also explain that you can still modify, commit, push and the request is updated on the website.

I would like to know if it is possible to do the exact same thing but not being the author of the fork? I am the owner of a repo with pull requests I would like to correct myself but still discuss afterwards... I was trying to push my changes into the author's repo (thinking some right access would be calculated) but the access is denied.


Julio Guerra February 2016

Official GitHub support answer at this date

It would be up to the owner of the forked repository to decide if they want to pull your changes into their fork.

You would modify their Pull Request and merge it into your repository. You could then request them to pull down the changes you have made into his fork which would synch his fork with yours.

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