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SaiRam February 2016

OpenSearchServer MSG Parser

I'm using v OpenSearchServer 1.5.13 and trying to setup index for parsing MSG files on Network share and using MSG Parser.

I configured the MSG parameters to index email_display_from, email_display_to and creation_date to Index fields From,To,Date

I'm basically trying to use the email fields Date, From and To using the JSON API but see the results always end up empty.

 {  "fieldName": "Header"  },
 {  "fieldName": "To" }, 
 {  "fieldName": "From"   }

Also the regular expression for email_display_to looks like \bTo.*\.com\b. Can you please let me know if the setup is wrong?

What is the regular expression to get the above index working for MSG file?

I want these fields to be displayed in default renderer view and the JSON API results.


Emmanuel Keller February 2016

I suppose that you means "CreationDate" and not "Header" (there is no header extraction in the MSG Parser).

Here is the check-list:

  1. The fields CreationDate, To and From are created in the schema with the stored attribute checked.
  2. The FieldMap panel of the MSG Parser includes the links between your fields (CreationDate, To and From) and the parser fields email_display_from, email_display_to and creation_date.
  3. In the Search Query, you added the fields "CreationDate", "To" and "From" in the Returned Fields list.
  4. In the Renderer you also have added the fields "CreationDate", "To" and "From".

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