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Preethi Jha February 2016

Build Automation TFS ANT

I am trying to create TFS ANT build script.When getting the resource for TFS from ant : "com/teamprise/ant/antlib.xml". It is not able to load the jar. I understand from the search that ,this antlib.xml is no more supported. Can any body suggest me which resource to look for to get the access of command line tfs commands in my ant script.

Following is the snippet of the code:

<path id= "tfsant.classpath" >
                <fileset dir= "${env.ANT_HOME}/lib" >
                        <include name= "*teamprise-ant*.jar" />
        </path>`enter code here`

        <typedef resource="com/teamprise/ant/antlib.xml" classpathref="tfsant.classpath" />

<exec executable="tf">
                    <arg value="checkout"/>
                    <arg value="${tfsroot}/temp/BUILD_${build.number}"/>
                    <arg value="${workdir}"/>


Eddie - MSFT February 2016

You can install Team Explorer Everywhere on your machine. This will install the TF Command-Line utility. Configure the environment variable "Path" for tf.exe, then you can access to tf command directly from your ANT script.

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