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safazi February 2016

Websocket in limited Lua?

I'm looking to make a project involving websockets in pure lua, but the environment I have available is limited. There is no io or require. All I can do is HTTP get and post. Using only this, is it possible to make something like a websocket? I'm not very sure myself if it's possible.

Using PHP and HTTP get, I can read and write files.

edit: no external libraries or c libraries.


EinsteinK February 2016

Can you use external PHP libraries? PHP does have some websocket libraries: http://socketo.me/

It wouldn't be easy, but you could use HTTP GET/POST requests for this. The right request creates a socket, while other requests control it. Using a "websocket session" you can do it, but are you sure you need it? If you're limited to only regular HTTP GETs and POSTs, it won't help much.

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