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Graesham Muchabaya February 2016

SSRS Parameter Mdx

Can you Create parameters in SSRS using MDX measures not dimension, to reword this question can you create a paramter using fact table measure


i have 2 measures [Measures].[PTO Holiday Hours] and [Measures].[PTO Vacation] i need to have a drop down parameter of those 2 measures is it possible ? where if one measure paramter is selected it will display the users with [Measures].[PTO Vacation] or [Measures].[PTO Holiday Hours] based on selection ?


mxix February 2016

Create a parameter, lets call it "myoptions" with those 2 options

|      Labels       |             Value              |
| PTO Holiday Hours | [Measures].[PTO Holiday Hours] |
| PTO Vacation      | [Measures].[PTO Vacation]      |

Create an expression for your query and either select one measure or another.

="WITH MEMBER X AS "+Parameters!myOptions.Value.ToString()+" SELECT {X} on 0, (...) on 1 FROM (...) "

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