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Nima February 2016

How to define a public vector in Java?

I am trying to pass a vector of vectors from one class to another one. For regular parameters and arrays I used something like this:

public static double[] x= new double[100];

However, this is not working for a vector or a vector of vectors:

public Vector<Vector<Integer>> vec2 = new Vector<Vector<Integer>>();
public Vector<Integer> vec = new Vector<Integer>();

How can we retrieve a vector of vectors in other classes?


Aetos February 2016

Consider the following code for your actual problem, maybe it could help you understand better :

    //These are the Integers your vector will contain
    Integer i1 = new Integer(1);
    Integer i2 = new Integer(2);
    Integer i3 = new Integer(3);
    Integer i4 = new Integer(4);

    //This is the vector you're going to insert them into (You could create more than one)
    Vector <Integer> v1 = new Vector<>();


    //This is the vector of vectors you're going to use to contain your previous vector
    Vector <Vector<Integer>> vectorOfVectors= new Vector<>();


    //To test out your code

But consider not using the Vector class as suggested in the following post : Why is Java Vector class considered obsolete or deprecated? There are better options such as the Collection Interface's ArrayList.

The Java tutorial offers a complete guide as to how to use the Collections Interface. I suggest you study it closely as it is really useful for any type of collections you could need. Here's the link.

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