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Rich Rich February 2016

Filemaker Pro advanced Set field, perform find.

Im writing a script to find records. Since some of my find criteria is in global fields etc... Im

going to layout Enter find mode set fields

thats no problem, but I need to set a field that has multiple criteria, like or..I tried a few things but not nailing it. Something like below is what I need. I need Out date records with the >= global start date or null

Set Field [table::OutDate; ">=" & global::G_Start or "="

any help is appreciated..


SoliantMike February 2016

Not entirely sure what you are after, but I would set variables based on your global fields, to avoid any ambiguity. Then it seems you are trying to enter multiple find requests. When you enter find mode, you can set the field for the first request:

Set Field [table::OutDate; ">=" & $gstart ]

and then add a new request, and enter your next request:

Set Field [table::OutDate; "=" ]

It may help to perform the find you want manually, entering multiple find requests, so you know how to expect it will behave in your script.

Hope this helps Mike

michael.hor257k February 2016

A date field >= global date or null.

An OR find requires two (or more) find requests. If you're scripting this, then do:

Enter Find Mode[]
Set Field [ table::OutDate ; ">=" & global::G_Start ]
New Record/Request
Set Field [ table::OutDate ; "=" ]
Perform Find[]

Note: there's no need to set any variables - global fields remain accessible in Find mode.

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