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Hatshepsut February 2016

Group by one field and count distinct values of another

There are a number of questions on SO that are like this one, but I'm not sure which (if any) are the same as my question.

I have a collection

{name: 'amy', age:19}
{name: 'bob', age:80}
{name: 'bob', age:80}
{name: 'chris', age:31}
{name: 'chris', age:20}

and I would like to get the number of distinct age values for each name. So I'd like to return

{'amy': 1, 'bob': 1, 'chris': 2}

I've been trying aggregate queries with group and sum, but I can't quite get it right.


BatScream February 2016

You can aggregate as below, the key is to use: $addToSet operator, to accumulate distinct ages, and then use the $size operator to get the number of distinct ages, per name(group).


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