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Greg Peckory February 2016

Image recognised in Android Studio but invisible on Phone

My Images are being recognised like so (Look at the left):

enter image description here

However when I run the app on my phone the images just become invisible.

This just happened all of a sudden, I don't believe I changed anything other than copied other images into the folder, it seems like there is no consistency.

Also, I tried moving the icon images into the mipmap folders, specifically mdpi.

Still no luck. (So drawables and mipmap are broken?)

Any ideas?


Dennis Callanan February 2016

Have you changed the theme recently?

If you have a white navigation bar but are using a dark theme, then the icons will show up white, regardless of the color you set them to.

So they are still there, but just the same color as the background.

Try changing the theme to a light theme.

If this works, but the rest of the app such as the Toolbar is not the correct color/theme, you can always override the theme for the Toolbar:


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