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Angular2 import modules Error: TS2307

I am going to write a simple hello word app with angular2 and systemjs to import module in phpStorm.

Here is the directory of my project:


Here is a piece of code:

import { bootstrap } from "angular2/platform/browser";
import { Component } from "angular2/core";

How does it know where to find this file? When I moved node_modules to app folder, there comes error.


MattScarpino February 2016

It's a little confusing: angular2/platform/browser and angular2/core are the names of modules, not the names of files. These modules loaded from the main Angular2 script, which could be node_modules/angular2/angular2.min.js or node_modules/angular2/

If your code can access angular2.js, you can import many different Angular modules.

Pardeep Jain February 2016

Here angular2/core or angular2/platform/browser etc is not a path but a predefined systemjs bundle for angular. if you look at the source code of angular bundal you can see there's

System.register("angular2/core", etc ....

and that tells systemjs what to do. You can find more here... for the same we have already imported system.js before our angular in the index.html. List of imports for angular2

actuly system.js is a module loader there are variety of module loader are there but i have used system.js module loader like commonJs, systemJs etc.

both loader load the module in their own way like for example we took a code

 import {Component} from 'angular2/core';

this piece of code load by the commonJs in es6 like this

var core_1 = require('angular2/core'); ...

and systemJs bind this module like this:

System.register(['angular2/core'], function(exports_1) { ...

both the loader are good but quickstart uses SystemJS.

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