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duffyjune February 2016

how do i select value from dropdownlist to mode or to controller mvc


public class Company
    public int ID { get; set; }
    public int WorkZoneID { get; set;  }
    public IEnumerable<SelectListItem> WorkZones { get; set; }


ViewBag.Workzones = cmpRep.GetWorkzoneDrop();


public List<SelectListItem> GetWorkzoneDrop()
    SqlDataReader DR;
    DR = Ado.ExecDataReaderProc("WorkZoneSelectActive");
    List<SelectListItem> selectWorkZoneListItems = new     List<SelectListItem>();
    CompanyVMList C = new CompanyVMList();
    C.Companies = new List<Company>();
    while (DR.Read())
        SelectListItem selectListItem = new SelectListItem
            Text = Convert.ToString(DR["Name"]),
            Value = Convert.ToString(DR["ID"]),
    return selectWorkZoneListItems;



I want to assign selected dropdownlist value to int work zone int the mode how do i select value from dropdownlist to model or to controller


Stephen Muecke February 2016

You need to bind your dropdownlist to property WorkZoneID

@Html.DropDownListFor(m => m.WorkZoneID, Model.Workzones)

and if your wanting to preselect an option, you need to set the value in the controller before you pass the model to the view. And since your model contains a property for the SelectList, then use it (don't use ViewBag)

Company model = new Company
    WorkZoneID = 1 // set to a value that matches one of your options
    Workzones = cmpRep.GetWorkzoneDrop();
return View(model);

and when you submit to

public ActionResult Edit(Company model)

the value of model.WorkZoneID will contain the value of the selected option.

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