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LearningStuff February 2016

Pysdl2 stuck in tutorial

I have been doing this tutorial http://pysdl2.readthedocs.org/en/latest/tutorial/pong.html and i am stuck in the create world part of the tutorial (I would appreciate if anyone can wrap it up or give me the source code to the tutorial as i seem to not understand its airplanes properly, I would appreciate the source code if possible because it will help me understand the whole thing and not have to come back for every step i get stuck in )

Here is what i wrote so far from what i got in adding game world part:

(here is a picture of the code because the code sample thing didnt work correctly) enter image description here and here is my error

Traceback (most recent call last):

File "C:/path/file.py", line 50, in


File "C:/path/file.py", line 30, in run

spriterenderer = SoftwareRenderer(window)

NameError: name 'window' is not defined

I would appreciate any help and if possible the source for this tutorial


David Cullen February 2016

The source for the tutorial will be in the examples directory for your PySDL2 installation. For me, it was in


Trying to recreate the example by following the instructions is very difficult. For those who want to look at the finished tutorial without installing PySDL2, here is a link to the source

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