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miniman42 February 2016

Missing fonts when building/running Appcelerator app from XCode

I've recently updated from Titanium w/3.5.0.GA SDK to Appcelerator Studio w/5.2.0SDK and can no longer build and run the appc (5.1.0 CLI) generated projects in XCode (7.2.1) without losing the ability to display my custom font resources (app/assets/fonts).

When building a project for iOS in studio (latest 4.4.0) and deploying to connected iPhone 6 (running 9.2) all fonts appear correctly in app. However when building and running the <projectname>.xcodeproject that is generated by appc during this process the same fonts do not show?

Is this related to https://jira.appcelerator.org/browse/TIMOB-19818 ? Is there any fix on the horizon if so?

I have always relied on modifying the generated projects to include other asset catalogs and manually alter the build and version numbers prior to appstore submission so am very curious to find a solution to this issue - all help much appreciated!

FYI - for reference, I've tried to build the same project generated in Titanium studio w/3.5.0.GA within the Latest XCode (7.2.1) as above and the fonts still work correctly so this issue seems to be with Appcelerator Studio with CLI 5.1.0 and SDK 5.2.0 combination.


Sharif Abu Darda February 2016

You can follow this below two steps. This is a workaround, might work for you.

Step 1: Grab resource files from debug ipa:

a. Build a debug version for your iPhone device.
b. After the app has successfully launched on your iPhone, navigate to the ipa file in the debug build folder. Click right on the file (or cmd-click) and choose to uncompress the file
c. In the extracted archive find the payload file. Also right click on the file (or cmd-click) and choose to show its contents.
d. You should now see your resource files and folders. Select all the required files and folders and copy them in some new folder.

Step 2: Add files to XCode project

a. Open the build XCode project with XCode
b. In the left column right click (or cmd-click) on your project
c. Choose "Add Files to [project name]"
d. In the file dialog multiselect your files and folders you copied from the debug ipa in step 1
e. That's it. Now archive your product and submit it.

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