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Aztrid Salamander February 2016

Fatal error: Class 'JAccessRule' not found in /home/www/xxx/libraries/legacy/access/rule.php on line 22

this page has encountered the following error:

Fatal error: Class 'JAccessRule' not found in /home/www/newporttours.dk/libraries/legacy/access/rule.php on line 22

I tried replacing this

class JRule extends JAccessRule

With this

class JAccessRule

On line 22. Then the frontend just returned "JAccessRule cannot be resolved"

I have no idea about the history of this site, if someone tried to upgrade it or what. I just had it handed down.

Please help :-)


Lajos Arpad February 2016

This is a PHP error which happens when you try to use a class. When you say that

class JRule extends JAccessRule

then you essentially say that JRule inherits JAccessRule, but since your JAccessRule class is not loaded when this file is loaded, you get the error. You need to require_once the location of the file which contains JAccessRule before you define this class.

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