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Noah February 2016

Rails AbstractController::DoubleRenderError despite returning a redirect_to

My Rails app is throwing a AbstractController::DoubleRenderError. You can see my controller action below, it does include multiple render and/or redirects, however, I've read and found that doing it with a return should negate this exception.

Here is my controller action:

def load
  redirect_to login and return if @current_login == nil

  render template: 'app' and return if @current_login

I've verified that @current_login is nil, meaning it should redirect and return.


Noah February 2016

Changing redirect_to login to redirect_to '/login' did the trick.

I had a controller action login in the same controller as the load action, so it was calling the login action, which had a render call in it...

Hopefully someone runs into the same coincidence and this helps them.

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