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NoChinDeluxe February 2016

ImageButton click events get queued up until ListView is scrolled

I have a custom ListView item that has an ImageButton in it, and when I click it, the click events don't come through until the list item as a whole is interacted with, such as scrolling the list or tapping somewhere else on the list item. So for instance, if I click the ImageButton 5 times, nothing will happen, but then when I scroll the list, all 5 click events will come through simultaneously.

After a lot of research, I've come to find this is a common question, but none of the solutions I've found have worked for me so far. This question was quite helpful in learning some of the quirks of view interaction, and most other solutions I found used a similar approach to the accepted answer on that question, but unfortunately none of them worked for my particular situation.

So what I need to happen is to handle the click events for the ImageButton on the list item, as well as the click event for the list item itself. I've tried setting android:focusable="false" and android:focusableInTouchMode="false" on pretty much every view element involved in the display of this list. I've also tried setting these attributes programmatically. I also tried setting android:descendantFocusability="blockDescendants" on several view elements including the ListView, the LinearLayout of the row item, and the CardView that contains all of this stuff.

The confusing part about all of this, is that I have this working just fine in another Activity of the same app. I have an ImageButton in a custom row layout of a ListView, and the onClick events work just fine for that. So it has to be something with my setup on this Activity. Here's some code:

The getView() of my custom BaseAdapter:



Doug Stevenson February 2016

There are known problems with ListView interfering with the touch events of views inside each item. You should switch to RecyclerView instead. ListView is seen as essentially deprecated for new apps with RecyclerView becoming its replacement.

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