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Grisk February 2016

Why is Heroku trimming trailing slashes?

I have a Laravel webapp that I am developing for a Heroku environment. On the heroku environment, if I visit a url with a trailing slash (I.E. http://example.com/) I get a 301 redirect removing the trailing slash (I.E. http://example.com). This would be fine behavior, except that the rewrite is moving from https to http!

I've spent some time trying to reproduce the issue locally in my development environment and I cannot, which has led me to believe that the issue is with Heroku's configuration of Apache, but uploading a custom .htaccess turning RewriteEngine Off didn't stop the rewrite either.

Has anyone encountered a similar issue?

My procfile just containsweb: vendor/bin/heroku-php-apache2 public so it's quite minimal.


dzuelke February 2016

Heroku does not perform such redirects. Apache adds slashes for directory indexes if enabled, but that's it.

Your application is doing that redirect somewhere, either in code or a .htaccess, and the request protocol is not preserved because the request to the dyno was HTTP - termination of SSL happens at the load balancer.

Set up your application to trust the Heroku load balancer as a proxy so it reads the request protocol from X-Forwarded-Proto, or change your rewrite rules to do just that.

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