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Khu-tech February 2016

incomplete migrations- stuck in generating new migrations

I am having a very bad situation here, working on a Laravel 5 project. previously developed by another developer. That developer at start created couple of tables using migration generators and added some columns using migrations. After that, he added table columns straight away using some sql GUI. I was given the sql dump which i imported and set it up on my local machine, now when i created a table using php artisan make:migration create_myTableName_table --create="myTableName" the table migration is created successfully, but, when i did php artisan migrate it's giving me SQLSTATE[42S01]: Base table or view already exists: 1050 Table 'someTable' already exists I checked migrations folder and matched it with current version of someTable and i can see the columns are different, same with other tables aswell.

What should be the best case to handle this in this situation, i want to keep up with Laravel migrations generator so that in future if any other developer want to work on this project he just has to run migration command to migrate database or to create tables or create columns... Should i re-write all migrations ? pleas help. Thanks


lesssugar February 2016

Quick and dirty?

Delete current migration files. Clear your migrations table and export the whole DB. Put the SQL dump in the repo and instruct other devs to import it before they run php artisan migrate. With the dump imported and migrations table truncated, you can create new migrations with no further collisions with the legacy migrations.

Feeling ambitious?

Use a package like migrations-generator to generate migrations based on your current DB structure. Then, migrate away.

Martin Bean February 2016

Given your situation, I’d put the .sql export in your repository, clear out the old, broken migrations, and create a new one that initially imports the database dump. Then just create migrations as normal going forward.

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