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Gunnm February 2016

Python win32com SendKeys fail

I've tried to do button press test and every time I do it, it fails somewhere. There is always place where there are two (or more) lower case letters next to one another or two upper case. Why is that?

import win32com.client

shell = win32com.client.Dispatch("WScript.Shell")

def a():
    shell.SendKeys("{a}", 0)

def A():
    shell.SendKeys("{A}", 0)

def b():
    shell.SendKeys("{b}", 0)

def B():
    shell.SendKeys("{B}", 0)

def c():
    shell.SendKeys("{c}", 0)

def C():
    shell.SendKeys("{C}", 0)

def d():
    shell.SendKeys("{d}", 0)

def D():
    shell.SendKeys("{D}", 0)

def e():
    shell.SendKeys("{e}", 0)

def E():
    shell.SendKeys("{E}", 0)

def f():
    shell.SendKeys("{f}", 0)

def F():
    shell.SendKeys("{F}", 0)

def g():
    shell.SendKeys("{g}", 0)

def G():
    shell.SendKeys("{G}", 0)

def h():
    shell.SendKeys("{h}", 0)

def H():
    shell.SendKeys("{H}", 0)

def i():
    shell.SendKeys("{i}", 0)

def I():
    shell.SendKeys("{I}", 0)

def j():
    shell.SendKeys("{j}", 0)

def J():
    shell.SendKeys("{J}", 0)

def k():
    shell.SendKeys("{k}", 0)

def K():
    shell.SendKeys("{K}", 0)

def l():
    shell.SendKeys("{l}", 0)

def L():
    shell.SendKeys("{L}", 0)

def m():
    shell.SendKeys("{m}", 0)

def M():
    shell.SendKeys("{M}", 0)

def n():
    shell.SendKeys("{n}", 0)

def N():
    shell.SendKeys("{N}", 0)

def o():
    shell.SendKeys("{o}", 0)

def O():
    shell.SendKeys("{O}", 0)

def p():
    shell.SendKeys("{p}", 0)

def P():
    shell.SendKeys("{P}", 0)

def q():
    shell.SendKeys("{q}", 0)

def Q():
    shell.SendKeys("{Q}", 0)

def r():
    shell.SendKeys("{r}", 0)

def R():
    shell.SendKeys("{R}", 0)

def s():
    shell.SendKeys("{s}", 0)

def S():
    shell.SendKeys("{S}", 0)

def t():
    shell.SendKeys("{t}", 0)

def T():
    shell.SendKeys("{T}", 0)

def u():
    shell.SendKeys("{u}", 0)

def U():


Gunnm February 2016

Adding time.sleep(0.03) and above after each press fixes issue. Still don't know why Notepad is not interpreting keys correctly.

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