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Kushang Parikh February 2016

From where do I download Morphia source jar file

I am using mongoDB with play framework for my project.I want to use morphia for my project and found two difference source for morphia one from org and other from google, that is org.mongodb.morphia and code.google.com.Can anyone suggest me which source for morphia I should use and generally which one will me more trust worthy and stable org source or google source for any plugin.


karpagaganesh February 2016

You can download jars from www.java2s.com. http://www.java2s.com/Code/Jar/m/Downloadmorphia122jar.htm

evanchooly February 2016

You can download the source either from maven central alongside the binary jars (your IDE should help facilitate this) or you can download the source jar from the github releases page. Or you could, of course, check out the github project.

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