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jo001wr February 2016

android register device returns server unavailable

using wso2 emm 2.0.0 running on aws I could not find the emm page to send a registration email to a device. I used the QR barcode to get the url to request the android agent APK download. The aPK downloads and installs. I open the apk, I entered the server ip and default port 9443, blank domain, admin user, admin password, byod. I get a server unavailable error.


Kasun Delgolla February 2016

You must have provided the wrong server IP and port. If you have used HTTPS port as default, you won't be able to register because if you want HTTPS to work, you must follow [1] to get it done.

So just use server URL as follows.

SERVER URL : :9763 (ex :

Login as follows,

USERNAME : admin PASSWORD : admin

You can keep the Domain field empty.

[1] - https://docs.wso2.com/display/EMM200/Android+Configurations

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