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Apple Geek February 2016

[Error]: No results matched the query. (Code: 101, Version: 1.12.0) in Parse using Swift

I keep getting this error when trying to update a PFObject '[Error]: No results matched the query. (Code: 101, Version: 1.12.0)' here is my code:

let userQuery = PFQuery(className: "User")

    userQuery.getObjectInBackgroundWithId("cE3DE48Fa9") {
        (userQueryObject: PFObject?, error: NSError?) -> Void in
        if error != nil {
        else if let userQueryObject = userQueryObject {

            userQueryObject["House_Motto"] = self.campaignMottoTextBox.text


        }        }

What do I do?

Here is my new code:

currentUser!.setObject(self.campaignMottoTextBox.text!, forKey: "House_Motto")


MikeG February 2016

Here is an example of how to use PFUser.query() to query the user class in parse, note my example uses findObjectsInBackgroundWithBlock(), rather than getObjectsInBackgroundWithId()

var userData1 = [String]()
var userData2 = [Double]()
var allUsers = [PFUser]()

func fetchUserData() {
    let userQuery: PFQuery = PFUser.query()!

    userQuery.whereKey("username", notEqualTo: (currentUser?.username)!)
        (users, error) -> Void in

        var userData = users!

        if error == nil {
            if userData.count >= 1 {
                for i in 0...users!.count-1 {
                    self.userData1.append(userData[i].valueForKey("columnNameInParse1") as! String)
                    self.startTimes.append(userData[i].valueForKey("ColumnNameInParse2") as! Double)

            self.allUsers = users as! [PFUser]
        } else {

and in order to update a value for a given user you will do...

   func updateObjectInParse(){
    currentUser?.setObject(campaignMottoText.text, forKey: "columnNameInParse")

where "columnNameInParse" is the name of the column for the object of which you want to update in parse. This is case sensitive. And currentUser is the PFUser.currentUser

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