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nono February 2016

Can I choose where my conda environment is stored?

Can I change the path /Users/nolan/miniconda/envs/ to another one when creating a virtual environment ? I'd like it to be specific to my project directory. (As we can do with virtualenv)

$conda info -e
Using Anaconda Cloud api site https://api.anaconda.org
# conda environments:
_build                   /Users/nolan/miniconda/envs/_build
myen3                    /Users/nolan/miniconda/envs/myen3
nolanemirot              /Users/nolan/miniconda/envs/nolanemirot
root                  *  /Users/nolan/miniconda


John Morrison February 2016

You can change the environments directory by editing your .condarc file found in your user directory. Add the following specifying the path to the directory you want:

  - /Users/nolan/newpath

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