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TheGuy February 2016

Playing audio and streaming issues in Chrome

I have made a music player by JS. However I have noticed that in Chrome it does not load some songs, basically any song except the one that loaded with the page.

Using inspect tool, I noticed the http request stays in "pending" status and never load the track. even tho the song is in the right folder. if the song playes if i put its full address in the browser: www.site.com/music/song.mp3 but it does not load it in the music player. I tried to stream songs from other websites and the player in Chrome works perfectly, such as this: https://media.rdjavan.com/media/mp3/Masih-Arash-AP-Be-Hame-Begoo.mp3.

The above address works fine n the player, so somehow it is streamable.

In safari it works fine, basically it is slow since it has to download the song but then it works. But in Chrome it stays in the status and never loads.

I was wondering is it related to MIMEs? or does my code have to do something with servers? I have tried it on an actually server and also on Xammp and both have same result. I have not fixed htaccess but it seems unrelated to my issue.

UPDATE: I have noticed that Chrome is even slow in loading the directories. for example it takes ages of chrome to open localhost/AudioPlayer/audio/. So i believe it is a similar problem to why my music player does not load tracks.

Any idea?


Martin Mazza Dawson February 2016

jPlayer songs not loading correctly using MVC method

Look at the answer I gave in this thread above. This may or may not be your problem.

I had problems with chrome and my music player, you have to allow content-range requests.

These are enabled default in other browsers. Reason why it works in .mp3 url's is because it's using default <audio> </audio> tags which support content-range requests I think

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