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skunk a February 2016

Adding Referencing outlet UITextView

I am starting developping on xcode 7 and quite new in the domain.I have added a UITextView in my storyboard and do not succeed to add a "Referencing Outlet" from my UITextView to my View controller. Here is a screeshot of what I gen when I do a "Ctrl + link to my View". I have another TextView where I did succeed to add it... adding Outlets Any help?


user2585945 February 2016

Have you checked that the view in storyboard is of the same class as your view controller? You can observe/update the class of the storyboard element in the identity inspector (righthand toolbar) while you have your view selected.

skunk a February 2016

I succeed to Reference the Outlets by displaying the Assistant and doing a "CTRL + Link" to my .h file

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Asked in February 2016
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