Peter Pik February 2016

Hide statusbar during splash screen

I'm trying to hide the statusbar during splash screen, which works fine when i add "Status bar is initially hidden" to plist and set value to YES, however this remove the statusBar from the enitre application, even though i've added "View controller-based status bar appearance" to plist and set value to NO and added following to appdelegate:

 UIApplication.sharedApplication().statusBarStyle = UIStatusBarStyle.LightContent 

How can i remove the statusBar initially without removing it in the rest of the application?


David Yang Liu February 2016

    UIApplication.sharedApplication().setStatusBarHidden(true, withAnimation: UIStatusBarAnimation)

Whirlwind February 2016

In your Project Settings -> General-> Deployment Info, check "Hide status bar" field.

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Next in your view controller override - prefersStatusBarHidden method, like this:

override func prefersStatusBarHidden() -> Bool {
   return false

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