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shammon February 2016

Building the final web application

I have completed my Java web application and trying to deploy to the web host for hosting. But how do I 'compile everything'? I tried to build the project and landed with the following files.

projectname.properties, projectbname.iml, projectname.xml, module_projectname.xml

Do I just place them on the public hosted folder and its done? Or is there any guide. I keep coming across guides which assumes I know how to build. None seems to elaborate how to actually build and what files I need for hosting.

I am familiar with a website and where to place the html/css/js files. But this being a Java web app with all sorts of files, its confusing me. Please help.

Project Structure

Project Structure


WitVault February 2016

I would suggest use heroku to deploy your web app. Heroku is very simple cloud based hosting quite useful for beginners and is easy to start with.

First read Getting Started with Java on Heroku carefully and then

follow the below instruction to deploy your app.

Deploying from IntelliJ IDEA

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