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L1ghtk3ira February 2016

Is creating graphics with OpenGl es better than loading an image from drawables?

Hey I have been looking around and I believe others have this same question of: Is it better to create graphics with OpenGl es or to load graphics from the drawable folder?

Consider: speed performance, size, As well as other possible effects.

I believe with my current knowledge that creating graphics with opengl es will make the app smaller than using big images in your drawable. However I believe graphics from the drawable folder will be easier to implement and will be faster on the android device lowering cpu and memory usage.

Is this a double edged sword or is one greatly beneficial than the other?

Thanks, any information is greatly appreciated.


Syd Lambert February 2016

Using OpenGL would lead to a marginal performance gain as it is designed for more complicated tasks, whereas the inbuilt function to directly load an image would mainly be used for simple UI elements; however I do not believe that it would slim down the application's size too much as all the assets would remain the same.

Though, don't expect too much of a performance difference, especially with low-resolution assets.

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