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George Bailey February 2016

How to prevent Android Monitor from automatically opening when I run a project in Android Studio?

This Android Monitor window displays log activity from my phone, so I can see stack trace, etc. when my program crashes. Fortunately my program usually runs without crashing. :-) However this means the window is not useful to me most of the time.

How can I prevent Android Monitor from opening automatically on every time I Run Project?

For now, I've just resized it to be very small.


muratgu February 2016

For Android Studio 1.4

  1. go to Run -> Edit Configurations

  2. expand Defaults and click on Android Application (or just for the current app, pick the top Android Application node)

  3. switch to Miscellaneous tab

  4. uncheck the Show logcat automatically option

You can open the window anytime by Alt/Opt+6.

LinX64 February 2016

As this answer says: http://stackoverflow.com/a/24459915/4409113

to get rid of the logcat opening on run, go to Run -> Edit Configurations... on the main menu (or via the toolbar dropdown), then uncheck the Show logcat automatically option in the Logcat tab.

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