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Mettle February 2016

Error when opening PhantomJS generated PDF in Adobe Acrobat Reader DS

I am generating a PDF using PhantomJS, and it opens fine with Macs built in Preview, Google Docs, and a few other tools that I tested it on. However, when I open it using Adobe Acrobat Reader DC version 15.010.20056, I receive one of the most unhelpful messages of all time.

enter image description here

After this, my PDF is only partially generated. This happens both on PCs and Macs. I have no idea how to debug this or even start to figure out the cause.


Mettle February 2016

In case anyone was wondering, PhantomJS doesn't properly render Tiling Patterns, setting up offsets X and Y offsets to be 0, which is actually not proper PDF specifications. This is one of the many reasons that PhantomJS renders things differently depending on how you open the generated PDF.

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