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Getting the public access URL for a FogBugz case that was emailed in

We have FogBUGZ installed on FogBugz On Demand. I occasionally need to send an email containing a list of cases that were submitted via email to the person who originally submitted them. For this I would like to supply the original public access url that they would have received in the original cnofirmation email.

However I cannot seem to find that URL anywhere in the web interface. Is there an easy way to find these urls?


Andrej Skripic February 2016

we are doing a similar thing but with local Fogbugz. This is what we do: 1. Call fogbugz API to get a list of cases 2. Store case numbers in a variable 3. Construct url links like this http://yourUrl/default.asp?insertCaseNumberHere

Hope this helps.

romanoza February 2016

According to this answer you can get the public tickets for the selected cases (in this example filtered by a correspondent) using the following api call:,correspondent,sTicket,sTitle,dtOpened&token=123456789

where sTicket is

the ticket for a case, which can be turned into a public ticket URL


The response looks like this:

<case operations="edit,reopen,reply,forward,remind" ixBug="455">

and then you can build the following URL:

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