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Robert February 2016

How to Start Dropbox After Installing It with Homebrew Cask?

I just started using Homebrew and Cask today to install Unix and OS X applications on my Mac but I don't understand something about Cask. When I run this command,

brew cask install dropbox

I can see that it installs it in /opt/homebrew-cask/Caskroom/dropbox/latest/Dropbox.app and I can see that it has created a symlink ~/Applications/Dropbox.app that points to it, but when I look in Finder at my Applications folder, I don't see it there as I would if I had installed Dropbox from a .dmg file. Also, I don't know how to start Dropbox from this symlink. How do I get Cask to install OS X apps so that I can start them from either the Application folder or via the command line in a terminal session?


monroe February 2016

just run open ~/Applications/Dropbox.app from your cmd line.

See http://gillesfabio.github.io/homebrew-cask-homepage/ for overview. Hope that helps

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