jeff303 February 2016

Is JSON-LD compaction supposed to remove the at @ from @id and @type?

If you visit the JSON-LD playground page here, and click the "Person" example (which, as of this writing, is this), then the output of the compaction contains an attribute called "type", not "@type" which is what I would expect (since the latter corresponds to the JSON-LD type keyword).

What is it about the compaction algorithm that removes the at symbol from the type? If you click on the "Activity" example, the compacted result does contain "@type". Why is there a difference in processing these two inputs?


Markus Lanthaler February 2016

This is a feature called Keyword Aliasing. recently added a keyword alias form @type to just type and @id to id to their context and that's why you set that. The compact tab of the person example uses's context for the compaction.

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