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Frank February 2016

Why am I getting the html tags from jQuery and HttpHandler?

I have the following code :


The html looks like this :

<div id=Page_div>
      <Table Border=1>
          <Td><button id=Current_1 type=button></button></Td>
          <Td><button id=Current_2 type=button></button></Td>
          <Td><button id=Current_3 type=button></button></Td>
          <Td><button id=Current_4 type=button></button></Td>
          <Td><button id=Current_5 type=button></button></Td>
          <Td><button id=Current_6 type=button></button></Td>
          <Td><button id=Save type=button>Save</button></Td>

And the HttpHandler code looks like this :

  public void handle(HttpExchange exchange)
    OutputStream responseBody=exchange.getResponseBody();
    String requestMethod=exchange.getRequestMethod(),requestPath=exchange.getRequestURI().getPath(),title="ABC",
             New_Info,responseString="<Html>\n<Head>\n  <Title>"+title+"</Title>\n</Head>\n<Body BgColor=#FDF5E6>\n<Center>\n"+Get_jQuery()+"\n\n";
    LinkedHashMap<String,String> params=queryToMap(exchange.getRequestURI().getRawQuery());
    File file;


      if (New_Info!=null)                                                                    // After Save button is clicked, save new user info
        Headers responseHeaders=exchange.getResponseHeader        


Quentin February 2016

text() means "Treat the content as plain text".

If you want to treat it as HTML source code then use html() instead.

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