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toy February 2016

What's the different betweet moment().utc().toISOString() and moment().utc().format()

I'm using moment js library and I'm a bit confused by the result I'm getting about the timezone.



What I don't understand is what is 317Z? and What's the difference between toISOString and format And are they the same?


Kariamoss February 2016

"2016-02-08T23:31:45.317Z" refer to the CCYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS.sss time format. 317 is the time in fractions of second while the Z means "Zulu time" (UTC).

Oriol February 2016

In ISO 8601 there are multiple time formats, e.g.


And there are multiple ways to specify the time zone, e.g.

  • Z means UTC time.

  • +00:00 means an offset of zero from UTC. So UTC too.

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