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ddyer February 2016

line numbers in stack trace

The line numbers in stack traces for IOS builds do not seem to correspond to either the original sources or the .m sources generated by the build process. Is there a way to interpret them ?

For example, in the trade below online_root.start:721 is refers to a method in a file with only 111 lines. The correspinding .m file has only 319 lines.

*** CN1 log **** [null] 0:0:48,666 - Exception: java.lang.NullPointerException - null java.lang.NullPointerException at online_Root.start:721 at util_JWSApplication.runMain:216 at util_JWSApplication.xmain:124 at com_boardspace_BoardspaceLauncher.launchLobby:110 at com_boardspace_BoardspaceLauncher.doit:0 at com_boardspace_BoardspaceLauncher.run:51 at java_lang_Thread.runImpl:153

*** End of CN1 log ****


simplatek February 2016

Try using a platform for crashing such as HockeyApp or Crashlytics, that would be easiest way to interpret the crash logs on an iOS device. If you don't go that route, you will need to understand the atos command, basically address to symbol. There are plenty of resources here about atos and how to get it working, this is the route I took and works well.

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