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sphil79 February 2016

How to return 1 if the ASCII is uppercase

I have to return 1 if x is in between 0x41 and 0x5a (ascii for 'A' to 'Z'). Only bitwise operators are allowed (~, &, ^, |, <<, >>), plus ! and +. Library functions like isupper are not.

I'd appreciate any tips or help because I understand which ranges work, but I don't know how to manipulate it to return 1 with the given operators.


John Kugelman February 2016

Hint 1 - Subtraction can be accomplished by adding negative numbers.

Hint 2 - Negation can be done with bitwise operators: -n == ~n+1.

Hint 3 - Right shifting a non-negative number by n is equivalent to dividing by 2n: n>>1 == n/2, n>>2 == n/4, etc.

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